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Canvas Training

  1. Canvas Basics 

    1. Introduction 

      1. Sign in with Microsoft login information given by head: 

      2. Please note, the links below are the essentials. A library of more information can be found here: Canvas Library ; or go to the help section within Canvas. 

    2. Course Syllabus: complete for all courses 

      1. Obtain Instruction from your head on the information that the syllabus should include and  on the homepage. If you received a syllabus from your head, you may upload it.  

      2. How to Use a Syllabus: click here 

      3. How to Enter Syllabus: click here 

    3. Setup Grade-book:  

      1. Grade book overview: click here 

      2. Grade book setup to enable syncing with FACTS: click here 

    4. Course Materials entered for Week 1: assignments, quizzes, tests 

      1. Good Practices for using Canvas: click here 

        1. Format for entering Canvas Assignments 

          (Quiz, test: if applicable) - topic detail 

          1. Week #, Day #,  Subject (if multiple subject in canvas course, like GWP):  

      2. How to add the QAS homepage to all your courses: click here 

      3. How to make Canvas assignments 

        1. How to Create an Assignment: click here 

          1. Teachers must set the date and convert the due time of each assignment to EST. Homework is due by a certain time daily, usually before the first class. Canvas will show if assignments are turned in late. A teacher can also close an assignment, preventing students from adding to it.  

          2. Teachers should refer to their head to determine the best way to organize their assignments. 

      4. ​How to create & administer quizzes 

        1. Create Quiz: click here 
          1. Teachers who are creating new quizzes should restrict student result view within quiz settings. This will allow the teacher to check for format errors before the students see their grades. This should be done until a teacher has mastered quiz formatting. 
        2. Teachers should use the app Respondus Lockdown Browser when administering quizzes and tests. This locks the student devices into the quizzes so they are unable to access anything else on their device.
          1. Respondus Lockdown: click here 

      5. How to Grade 

        1. How to Grade: click here 

      6. Peer review 

        1. Student Quiz View: click here 

      7. Student Discussions with Grading 

        1. Create Discussions: click here 

    5. Homework turn in  

      1. Student View Assignments: click here 

      2. Submit Assignments: click here 

    6. Communication with Students 

      1. Inbox 

        1. The Inbox is a messaging tool, usually used to communicate with students outside of class time. 

          1. What is the Inbox: click here 

          2. How to send a message through the Inbox: click here 

            1. WARNING: When sending messages or announcements through the Inbox, DO NOT SEND TO ENTIRE CLASS. Click “Send an individual message to each student.” This is of the the utmost importance! Students can carry on unmonitored chats if teachers fail to send individual messages. Please contact IT immediately if you accidentally send a group message. See image below.

      2. Chat 

        1. The chat is a messaging tool, usually used during class time, which allows teachers and students to interact in real-time.  

          1. Chat overview: click here 

        2. The chat needs refreshed frequently in order to see the students’ submitted posts. 

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