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FACTS Training


-Your head will give your sign in information.  

-To open the links below, you need to be signed into FACTS and already have a HubHelp link open. How to open HubHelp: click here. 


  1. Purpose of FACTS for teachers 

    1. SIS system:  

      1. Grade-book 

      2. Weekly Lesson Plans 

      3. Homework 

      4. Attendance 

      5. Academy Calendar: see current updates during the year 

      6. Student information  

      7. Student demerits and coupons 

      8. Class Schedules (includes Zoom Room Information) 

  2. Introduction to FACTS Webinar for NEW TEACHERS 

    1. Live Webinar: RSVP to join via Teams, available August 18th-September 1st 

      1.  Live Webinar: click here 

    2. Recorded Webinar 

      1. Recorded Webinar: click here 

  3. Teacher Training Articles & Videos 

    1. Teacher Training Library: click here 

      1. Teacher Checklist: 

        1. Basic navigation of FACTS: student info, schedules  

          1. Above webinar 

          2. How to log In: click here 

        2. Enter 1st Week’s Lesson Plans and Homework 

          1. How to Enter Weekly Lesson Plans & homework: click here 

        3. Learn how student & parent homework access works so you can train them 

          1. Ensure you have a copy of your students’ FACTS login information. 

            1. Username: FACTS>students>select student> see student dashboard, see student email in contact information (email is username) 

            2. Password: FACTS>students>select student>user defined, select group>Office 365 

          2. The student FACTS logins can also be viewed on their ipad lock screens.  

          3. Student  View: click here 

        4. Learn to take Attendance 

          1. Class Attendance: click here 

        5. Learn how to check the Canvas Grade Book is synced with FACTS 

          1. click here 

        6. Familiarize yourself with your students: review Student Information on dashboard 

          1. Student Information: click here 

          2. Know students by their pictures and know how to pronounce their names 

          3. Teachers should view “advising notes” to see if any students have special placement notes or accommodating. 

            1. Students (left grey side bar)>select student>advising (right side bar).  

        7. Learn to run reports in Report Manager 

          1. Run Reports: click here 

        8. Learn to send demerits and mange student coupons 

          1. Student Behavior: Click here 

          2. QAS Procedure for Adding Behavior Events: 

            1. How to Enter a Behavior Event:  

              1. See the image below: what to fill and not fill 

              2. See the QAS Teacher Manual>Part III>Penal Code, for lists of behavior type, description, value. 

            2. Approval: message a screen shot of the behavior event to head for approval; do not email the parent until approval has been given. 

            3. Inform the student in person of demerits 

            4. Email the approved event to the parent before dismissal time. 

        9. Learn to access school calendar  

          1. FACTS (any page)>click waffle square in upper right corner>calendar 





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