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Incident IQ Training

  1. Purpose 

    1. Help Ticket submission and management 

  2. Departments 

    1. Human Resources: Customer Service 

      1. If a department/staff member does not solve issues promptly, staff should submit a ticket to the Human Resource department.  

        1. These reports should be logged in Incident IQ, Human Recourse 

    2. IT 

      1. Ticket Categories: devices & hardware, software & online systems, Wi/Fi & Network, User Accounts & Passwords, etc… 

  3. Teacher Checklist 

    1. Access 


      2. You should have received an email invite. You can login by clicking the above link and then entering your qasonline email as your username.   

    2. Learn how to submit a ticket 


        1. Teachers can select Requestor Training and enroll for training. 

          1. Priority: Submitting Tickets 

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