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Parent Square Training

​Note: Times in Parent Square are in Eastern Standard Time.  


  1. Platform Purpose:  

    1. Parent Communication 

      1. All staff should use Parent Square to message parents.* 

      2. If a parent contacts the wrong staff member, that staff member should direct the parent to the appropriate staff member,  letting the parent know who will be assisting them.  

      3. If a parent contacts through email, the staff member should paste the email into Parent Square and respond through Parent Square.* 

  2. Teacher Training 

    1. Teacher Training: click here   (Sign in before clicking link.) 

  3. Account settings 

    1. Adjust Settings: 

      1. Any page>click your name in upper right corner 

        1. notification settings: set as desired 

        2. Office Hours: 7:30-5:00, Monday-Friday 

  4. QAS Policies 

    1. Staff should respond to parents within 24 hours, therefore, staff should set times during the day to check Parent Square. Parent Square should be checked a minimum:  


      1. Once before first class of day 

        1. All Parent Excuse notes should be sent before the first class of the day.  

      2. Once during the afternoon, before dismissal. 

*New parents do not have a Parent Square account until their children’s enrollment process is complete. The Admissions/Enrollment Department will need to contact parents through email, until the parent has a Parent Square account.  

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