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Continuous Enrollment

By January 15:  Tuition & Fees Published for the upcoming year

January 15-25:  Complete the Change of Enrollment Form (Opt-out) if you are not returning

February 1:  New enrollment begins and contracts offered to fill open spots

Any changes to these important dates will be communicated on our website.

  • What is Continuous Enrollment
    Continuous Enrollment is a simplified re-enrollment process that eliminates annual contracts. Once a student is enrolled at Queen of All Saints Academy, he/she is assumed to be enrolled through completion of twelfth grade, unless the family notifies the school otherwise or the student is dismissed.
  • Why Use Continuous Enrollment?
    Very few students leave Queen of All Saints Academy each year, so all parents would required to complete re-enrollment paperwork every year for the sake of a select few. Continuous Enrollment eliminates annual contracts. It saves time and streamlines the process for everyone involved. Once you complete the continuous enrollment agreement, you should never need to sign another enrollment contract! In addition, continuous enrollment ensures that your spot is secured for the upcoming school year, reduces the amount of paperwork parents need to complete such as technology permissions, and streamlines our administrative processes to better serve our school families.
  • How do we notify the school if we are not planning to return the following year?
    We have created an easy one-page opt-out form for your use. Simply fill out the Change of Enrollment Form before the deadline to let us know you will not be returning.
  • I am enrolling more than one child. Do I need to sign a Continuous Enrollment Contract for each one?
    Yes, you will need to complete one Continuous Enrollment Contract for each child, but you will only need to do it once for their entire career at Country Day.
  • When and where will tuition and fees be posted?
    Tuition and fees for the upcoming school year are posted on or before January 10th. The information is shared with current families through a letter from the school’s administration; the information is also posted on the Queen of All Saints Academy website.
  • If I still have questions, who should I contact for more information?
    Questions about admissions and enrollment should be directed to our Director of Admissions, Sister Mary Magdalene.
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