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Mother Mary Theresa, CSTA
Mother Mary Theresa was one of the first students and graduates of Queen of All Saints Academy. She joined the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas in 2005 to begin her novitiate and training as a teaching Sister. The special object of the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas is to assist in the preservation and propagation of the Faith in these troubled times through the Catholic education of the youth. For this work of training youth, the Sisters are prepared academically so as to be qualified to teach in both the elementary and higher levels of education. But the formation of the intellect is useless without a strong spiritual life. The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas must become instruments of grace for their children. To this purpose, the religious Sister devotes herself ardently to acquiring religious perfection and virtue during the time of her novitiate. Inseparably united to Jesus Christ the source of light and virtue, she will be prepared, in turn, to communicate it to others. Queen of All Saints Academy has been blessed to have Mother Mary Theresa as a teacher, administrator, and finally Principal over the past 17 years.
In 2017, Mother Mary Theresa pioneered the virtual program. She designed the classroom infrastructure and developed the school software that allows remote learners to engage in the campus classroom. 
This same year, after much planning and design, Mother launched the construction of the Sisters’ motherhouse in order to provide for the rapid growth of the Congregation. Thanks to the support and generosity of our devoted parishioners and benefactors, the Sisters now occupy the convent cloister while the chapel is being completed in the Gothic style.
During this the building project , the students outgrew the original school campus. Mother Mary Theresa is overseeing the move to the property adjacent to the motherhouse. This beautiful property and its facilities provide a large chapel and ample classrooms for the needs of our students.
Mother Mary Theresa is Mother General of the Congregation and Director of Queen of All Saints Academy. She leads the Sisters in forming the next generation of leaders as pillars of goodness and truth.

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