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Arts & Crafts: Girls, Grades 2-7, (Online Students)

Coloring, drawing, painting, cutting, glueing and every other skill will be challenged in this club. Members will share progress and tips on seasonal art projects. Meetings bi-weekly, every other Thursday. Register Here

Art Supply

Aerobics Club: Girls, Grades 6-12, (Online Students)

Meet with aerobics instructor, Olivia Halm, and fellow classmates every Friday for a fun work out session. The exercises are geared towards toning and strengthening.  Register Here

Tying Shoelaces

3D Club: Boys, Grades 3-8 , (Online Students) 

For boys with a hobby in 3D Design, including legos, paper models, Lincoln logs, etc. Share designs, collaborate on club project, and compete at the end of the year for best model design. Register Here

Flying Paper Airplane

Bloggers' Club: Girls, Grades 9-12, (Campus Students of FL, AZ, CA) 

Keep up with the latest school news and activities. Members will manage the school blog by meeting with club presidents, visiting competitions and other class activities, and posting the latest on the school blog. Register Here

Ready to Get Published

Chess Club: Boys, Grades 6-12, Online Students; Grades 9-12 Campus

We are QAS Academy Chess Club! We meet Tuesday evenings to learn about chess and play games with one another. The purpose of this particular club is to encourage improvement through friendly competition in the form of an intramural chess ladder. If this sounds like fun to you, please join! We would love to have you! Register Here

Chess Game

Art Club: Girls, Grades 8-12, (Online Students)

We will meet every other Thursday to share our creations and love of art. Club members will build an art journal and learn new techniques from guest artists.  Register Here


Ballet Club: Girls, FL Campus

If you attend the Florida Campus, Click Here to learn more about the weekly ballet session. Ballet is Friday's during P.E.  Register Here

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Book Club: Boys, Grades 6-8; Boys, Grades 1-5; Girls, Grades 6-8; Girls, Grades 1-5 (Online Students)  

 Students can join the six month Book-It program to earn Reading Award Certificates for a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® for all six months of the program. At the end of the year, students who earned six reading certificates are eligible to enter the running for the national Book-It Program yearly prizes. One student will win the grand prize, a $10,000 College Plan and a $5,000 grant for their school! 20 additional winners will receive $1,000 in cash and prizes! Register Here

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Photography Club: Girls, Grades 9-12, (Campus Students of FL, AZ, CA) 

We take photos, edit, and create, to produce a 100+ page yearbook by the end of the year. No experience in photography or photo-editing necessary! Register Here

Hand Holding a Camera

Kitchen Club: Girls, Grades 9-12, (Campus Students of FL, AZ, CA) 

Share recipes and challenge each other to broaden horizons in baking and cooking. Register Here

Baking Class