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Spring Recital

On Thursday, May 17, the academy held its spring recital. From 5-year-old Rita Bavetz, who played the piano, to 18-year-old Elizabeth Halm, who played the violin, the event featured performances from students of all ages. The academy hosts recitals, not as a mere social event, but for many other reasons. First, a recital pushes the student to strive for excellence, to practice hard so that he might perform better; second, it develops in the student the precious skill of performing, an ability only acquired by the difficult act of playing in front of a crowd; third, it nurtures an esteem for the arts, in all our students, and cultivates a taste for good and beautiful music. This year, the school children and many of the parents attended, giving hearty applause for every song, even some of the less-than-perfect performances of our young players.

We thank all the parents for their effort to attend the performance (no easy task this year since there were torrential downpours on Thursday afternoon) and for their work and sacrifice to keep their children in the music program.

During the upcoming year, we hope to have the means to set up our performance hall so that we can include the online students who are taking lessons.

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