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Showbie Training

*Please keep in mind that students only have access to Showbie during class times. They will not be able to access it after dismissal time.  


Showbie is optional. It is most useful for real-time communication with students. Teachers are not required to setup classes for all their courses in Showbie. However, in order to use the chat, at least one class will need created. 


Warning: It is possible for a student to create a fake teacher Showbie account and invite other students. Teachers should be on the lookout during class time that students are not misusing the app and chatting with each other during class through unmonitored Showbie accounts.  


  1. Use 

    1. Class Discussions:  

      1. Students can message the class and collaborate as the teacher allows. 

      2. Students and teachers can message and share documents in real time. 

    2. Student Work: assign, collect, review & grade (class time only*) 

      1. Annotation tools available 

        1. Introduction to Showbie: click here 

  2. Teacher Checklist 

    1. Sign in: click here 

    2. Create Classes and Roster Students for Classes: click here 

    3. Create Assignments for first week: click here 

    4. For more teacher learning resources: click here 

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