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Catholic Virtual Homeschool

The Hybrid Classroom

Virtual classes at  Queen of  All  Saints Online Academy allow students to engage in every aspect of the classroom through real-time interaction for the entire school day. There are no recordings, no self-teaching. Live teachers, live classmates, 100% of the school day.

The Evolution of Our Catholic Virtual School

In 2010, the Sisters began to receive requests to allow student boarders. But the Sisters could not start a boarding school due to the lack of facilities for such a project. To answer the educational needs of the children living remotely, Mother Mary Theresa, Principal of QAS, began to research catholic virtual education. This was a daunting task since our research was underway in 2016, pre-covid, when virtual education for children was underdeveloped. 

In the research and experimentation with our school's volunteer pilot program, we quickly realized that online students were at a disadvantage due to the lack of monitoring, accountability, and teacher help. This realization initiated the development of the catholic homeschool academy that rivals the campus experience.

Our Catholic Academy's unique hybrid program brings homeschool and campus students into the same classroom simultaneously for the full school day. This challenges us to provide the online students with an experience equivalent to their campus peers, allowing remote students to match and even surpass their peers in academic excellence. The online student engages in each and every aspect of the classroom, writing on the interactive board, competing in games, asking questions, presenting and collaborating with peers.... With our customized homeschool student technology package, teachers can view the student's workspace, posture, computer screen, and remotely view the student iPad screen in real time to assist them in their work.

Student at Queen of All Saints during a science experiment

This hybrid approach is also crucial for providing the social structure lacking in many online programs. Being in a live classroom for all classes offers the opportunity to form friendships with teachers and classmates, friendships that are necessary for maintaining academic interest, competition, and motivation.

We are proud that our virtual program has stood the test of time. Since 2016, we have helped over 200 students worldwide achieve the heights of academic excellence. From Grades 1-12, our online students rival our campus students, performing equivalently on the standardized national CTP, ACT, and SAT testing for the past three years.

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