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Our First Priority: Internet Safety

After three years of testing and implementation, the Sisters have developed a safe and secure environment for the students to participate in live class. Student devices are pre-programmed exclusively for QAS Academy use by utilizing keys and customized code to streamline devices. As a result, the school iPad includes only school books, school communication, and curriculum content. In addition, time management is added to prevent the student from wasting time on his devices. Parents can trust that children enrolled in QAS will not have web access and will not waste time on frivolous activities via their devices.

The computer for joining live class is likewise programmed to permit only the live Zoom meeting. This removes all distractions both during and after school, freeing the student to focus on the joy of learning with his peers. 

How do we remove the dangers of web access and wasted time?

  • All student access to the web is disabled. This is accomplished first by removing the web browser from school devices.

  • Within the school apps and testing platforms, live links are also removed to prevent back-linking to the web.

  • The App Store is disabled, with apps and books being installed/updated remotely by the IT department.

  • Each student's iPad is customized to his class schedule and club interests, removing all superfluous content. For example, a chess-club member will have access to the chess app during club meetings to allow him to challenge his peers, analyze games, etc. But the app is time-managed and disappears during class and homework hours. 

  • Image search is disabled as an app feature, and live web chat is restricted both in Zoom and in apps. 

  • Sharing between student devices is restricted without teacher approval.

Thanks to our app developers and our dedicated IT department, students are able to participate in the live classroom using the latest technology, all within a safe Catholic environment. 

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