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Troubleshooting Technology

Parents, please follow the steps below to best help in solving a technology problem your child may have.

Self-Help Procedure - My child needs help with:

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Student Sign On

Most of the student iPad applications use Microsoft single sign on. This means that they use the same username and password  for:

iPad iCloud login, Canvas, QAS Academy App

The student's username and password information can be found on the lock screen of the iPad for easy reference. See Picture Below.


The password combination is the following formula:

Capitalized first name initial/period/lowercase last name initial/Student ID

For example, the password for the student below would be T.s1014U. 

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Cracked screen. No problem!

You no longer need to contact QAS for iPad repair. AppleCare+ is there for you!

Call 1-800-275-2273 or go to  for 
AppleCare over the phone support of online support.
AppleCare+ is attached to the device serial number.

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