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Three Enrollment Options

Queen of All Saints Academy offers three enrollment options designed to help students meet their specific goals: full-time, part-time, and single course.

Each enrollment level corresponds to a particular tuition.


Part-Time & Single Course Applicants - Important to Note

  • Due to the rigor of our courses, most students who attend another school full-time take only one course at QAS Academy. See our Course Catalog.

  • All students can receive a QAS Transcript for courses taken at the school. Students may request that these be sent to their high schools or to colleges or universities to which they apply.

  • The enrollment status indicated on the application is not binding, and all applications receive the same evaluation.

  • Students may be restricted to part-time or single-course enrollment when the Admissions Committee believes that they may benefit from a reduced course load. Reapplication is required to change that status.

  • Students who apply to QAS Academy late (junior/senior year) may be unable to graduate from the school. The Admissions Committee may make this determination after an assessment of the student's academic record.

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