Equipment Requirements for Virtual Students


















1. Internet Connection

Broadband, wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE). A speed of 3 Mbps (up/down) is required for each student. For example, if there were 4 students in a family a speed of 12 Mbps (up/down) would be required.

2. Computer

Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher Processor (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent) with 4Gb of RAM. School Management is available via the computer package. All computers ordered with the computer package come with custom QAS management to prevent students from accessing the web, computer games, etc. This drastically reduces distractions and allows the student to focus on their studies. 

3. Webcam with HD Streaming

Logitech C920

4. Webcam Stand



Some suggested models are:

Logitech Headset

Mpow Headset

6. 24" Monitor

7. iPad & Keyboard

An iPad & keyboard is required for all full-time students and all part-time language and math students. The school issues an iPad & keyboard as part of the book rental fee for full-time students. There is an additional charge of $375 for part-time language and math students.

8. Stylus or Apple Pencil (Not included in Equipment Package. Various models acceptable.)

The Academy offers an equipment  package (pictured above) which includes ALL NEEDED ITEMS AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. The Student Package is highly recommended. Not only has the equipment been tested to meet requirements, but the computer is school-managed to restrict the student from browsing the internet, accessing computer games, etc. Working on a school-managed computer eliminates the need for parental monitoring and helps the student focus on his studies.