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Financial Aid

Queen of All Saints Academy welcomes inquiries from current and prospective families about our financial aid program. We strive to help families to make sure that an Academy education is accessible to all qualified students.


The Academy understands that affordability is a major consideration for parents. We encourage families of limited means to apply for financial aid. Admissions and financial-aid processes are independent of each other. Queen of All Saints uses an outside financial aid service company, FACTS, to assist in collecting and analyzing financial data submitted by families. Each family's award is individualized. Of course, due to limited resources the aid fund may not be able to accommodate all new financial aid applicants.


In order to qualify for financial aid, an admissions application must have been submitted and families must be non-Florida residents. Families residing in Florida must apply for aid from the Florida Scholarship, Step Up For Students. Arizona students must apply for the ESA scholarship. Need-based financial aid is a grant, not a loan, and is allocated on first-come, first-served basis to families. Financial aid is not guaranteed, and each family is expected to use all resources available to them in paying for the tuition. Financial-aid grants do not have to be repaid. All information is strictly confidential and limited to review by authorized persons. The school expects that families will keep the same discretion regarding awards and decisions.

Financial aid is annual. Applications are required each year a family seeks financial assistance. 


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