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Classical Language 1B: ELA78B

Middle School


1 Year, September-June

Enrollment in Grades 7-8; Classical Writing 1B or equivalent as determined by placement assessment


Your Instructor

Sister Mary Aloysius

I am the Grade 8 Homeroom teacher at QAS Academy. I completed my novitiate studies at Aquinas College and my juniorate training as an elementary teacher at Queen of All Saints Online Academy. I enjoy my motivating students by helping them find their own passion for learning.

Sister Mary Aloysius

About the Course

This course is the second year of a two-part writing series for Middle School. The students complete their in-depth grammatical study of sentence structure. They begin their study of style, making their sentences more interesting. Students continue to hone their skills in invention by perfecting and combining the various forms of writing studied in year 1.

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