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Late Modern World History/Late US History

High School


Enrollment in Grades 9-12; Ancient World History, Medieval World History


Your Instructor

Father DeSaye completed his Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Ithaca College and worked as a professional musician and music teacher. He studied philosophy at the Catholic University of America and earned a Master of Divinity at Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland.
Father DeSaye served as a teacher on the faculty of Delbarton School for two years before joining the faculty of QAS. He is the high school history and philosophy teacher at QAS Academy.

About the Course

Students will explore and discuss the period of history from 1850 to the present day. Beginning with the American Civil War and the Industrial Revolution, they will study the emergence of the United States as a world power against the backdrop of major world events, such as World Wars I & II and the rise and fall of Communism. Analysis of historical documents in class discussions and assignments will lead students to think critically about important issues from the end of the early modern era to the present day. This course includes the second part of a half credit in United States history.

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