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Rhetoric I, Development of Thought

High School


1 Year, September-June

ELA78B or ELA912


Your Instructor

Sister Mary Magdalene

I am a former graduate of QAS. I enjoy writing and playing the violin during my free time. I have taught high school English at QAS Academy for ten years. I especially enjoy the introductory writing series when students realize they can, in fact, become great writers.

Sister Mary Magdalene

About the Course

Rhetoric I is the first of a three-part series on the art of composition. The series is organized according to the three stages in writing or speaking; namely, the development of the thought, the arrangement of the thought, and the expression of the thought.

Rhetoric I focuses on eight of the sources of development - definition, paraphrase, class, species, parts, cause, effect, circumstance. They are taught under the guidance of model passages which afford concrete embodiments of the eight general categories."To admire on principle is the way to imitate with originality."

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