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Frances Hensley, M.D.

Dr. Frances Hensley received her Medical Degree from the internationally acclaimed Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine. She completed her internship at Dr. Angel Leaño Hospital, and year of Social Service at the Community Medicine program of Dr. Ramón Garibay Hospital. During her internship, she also taught Pathology at Dr. Angel Leaño Medical School Hospital.

In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Hensley taught history at University Elementary School and was assigned as the Director of the College of Philosophical Studies in the Boys' High School. She also acted as the Director for the Office of Student Affairs in the Girls' High School.

After moving to the United States, she worked for the San Francisco Department of Health for fifteen years during which time she worked in the Children's Environmental Health Promotion, in the development and implementation of the Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and Asthma Prevention and Intervention Program. She also provided medical/education services at the Balboa High School Teen Clinic, and San Francisco General Hospital Pediatric Asthma Clinic. She joined a team of medical researchers at Stanford University in the Nintendo Asthma Study during which she conducted asthma education.  She worked as a member of the American Lung Association of San Francisco in the Smoke Free Hispanic Family Project, assisting the development of the education and awareness program. During this time, she was an active member of the SF Asthma Task Force and the Consortium of Physicians of Latin America (COPHYLA). She specializes in health education and disease prevention.

Dr. Hensley is a traditional Catholic and generously volunteers her time at the California parish where the Sisters operate a QAS satellite campus. We are delighted to have her as our high school Biology teacher.

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