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“I am extremely pleased with the excellent education my child is receiving at QAS. We searched for many months to find the right fit for online school, and we are so blessed and fortunate to have found QAS. The curriculum, staff and level of achievement expected by students is exactly what we were looking for. QAS surpasses our expectations. I would highly recommend this school to anyone."

- QAS Parent

“This school has saved my son's education. When he was at a public school, he kept failing and failing. It was extremely difficult to get him the help he needed from the teachers and administration at the public school. At QAS, he is thriving academically. His teachers at QAS go above and beyond to give him the support he needs."

- QAS Parent

We invited ALL school parents to survey our school. Forty-Nine of our parents, representing 80% of our School families, opted to participate in a Parent School Experience Survey. They were asked a series of twenty-seven questions ranging from student engagement, school professionalism, student achievement. At the end of the survey many of them left a specific comment about the school. 100% of our parents left a five-star rating. Enjoy scrolling through the survey to your left. Select Top Right Arrow for Presentation Mode.

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