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Introducing QAS Flex: Classical Education, Modern Flexibility

We are excited to announce QAS Flex, an innovative addition to Queen of All Saints Academy that transforms classical education through modern flexibility.

What is QAS Flex?

QAS Flex is designed to provide a flexible and personalized academic experience that integrates seamlessly with student schedules. Upon enrollment, students are granted access to a wealth of resources, including recorded lectures, assignments, and classical reading materials. A key feature of QAS Flex is the availability of personalized guidance through a dedicated Academic Tutor and a Personalized Education Coach (PEC), ensuring students receive tailored support and advice throughout their studies.

By dedicating around five hours per week, students can effectively manage their coursework and achieve all educational objectives, earning full credit for each course.

The QAS Flex Experience

Our platform, central to QAS Flex, offers an organized and intuitive educational experience. Through this platform, students can manage their assignments, access important resources, and review their study materials.

Moreover, students can view recorded class sessions whenever needed, allowing for a thorough review and reinforcement of subjects. Timely submissions and interactions within the platform encourage discipline, while constructive feedback from tutors helps students refine their skills and deepen their understanding.

Techer Role Vs. Parent Role

In the QAS Flex program, the roles of parents and teachers are distinct yet complementary, each contributing uniquely to the student's educational experience. Here’s a breakdown of each role:

Parent's Role:

  1. Support and Motivation: Parents provide the motivational support needed for students to engage fully with their studies.

  2. Environment Setup: It's up to the parent to ensure that there is a conducive learning environment at home that is quiet and comfortable for study.

  3. Schedule Management: While the program offers flexibility, parents help manage and oversee the student's daily or weekly schedule to ensure that coursework is completed on time.

Teacher's Role:

  1. Content Delivery: Teachers prepare and present the recorded class material that students access as part of their coursework.

  2. Curriculum Development: They design and update the curriculum to ensure it meets educational standards and engages students effectively.

Virtual Assistant Tutor and PEC's Role:

  • Virtual Assistant Tutor: This role involves responding to student inquiries, assisting with academic problems, and ensuring students stay on track with their coursework.

  • Personalized Education Coach (PEC): The PEC meets with students once per week to provide personalized guidance, support academic planning, and help set goals, which is crucial for personal development and academic success.

Visit to learn more about QAS Flex, a program of Queen of All Saints Academy.


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